Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"You can't hurry love."

One of the greatest life lessons I could stand to learn is patience -- something that I'm always short on. Another lesson I could stand to learn is that everything is a process. So there's patience and an appreciation that some things need time to germinate and grow. Though I know this intellectually, I still careen around from offensive to offensive looking for big results in the shortest amount of time. And when things don't happen instantaneously, my almost pathological optimism threatens to retreat.

Operation Find The Lesbians has reminded me of these two lessons. And now that April has closed, it's time to look back on this past month's progress -- however infinitesimal.

Lesbians identified for possible tackling: 1
Lesbians tackled: 0
First dates: 0
Lesbians who just want to be friends: All of them
Men that hit on me: 3
Straight women kissed: 1
Gay men kissed: 1

The Lesbian pond, which in January seemed impossibly vast, has shown its borders to be a bit closer. A few examples.

- My new friend and band buddy, Marie, is friends with M who once dated C who is the original founder of Lesbian Club.

- Marie met her girlfriend D through a girl I once went on a first date with back in January.

- Marie recently dated J, who was once the girlfriend of W, a Lesbian Club member.

- I slept with Anne who once dated a woman I went to Hollins with. I sort of knew Anne's ex because the Lesbian pond at a small all women's university in Virginia is even smaller than the pond in Brooklyn.

See? It's just like Alice's chart from the L Word.

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