Friday, May 05, 2006

"Holidays that revolve around tequila rarely end well..."

It's 75 degrees in New York and I am wearing a new skirt. Meanwhile I hope my coworkers don't notice that I'm wearing the same shirt that I wore on Tuesday. Ooops.

I haven't blogged much about Holly post OFTL and some people have seemed surprised that I am still friends with her after the bombshell she laid on me once upon a time. Don't worry, I've moved on. OFTL distracted me and so did my very brief shenanigans with Anne. However I do bring Holly along to Lesbian Club meetings in hopes that one day she'll realize that she is a dyke (ahem, because she is). Also, I'm reminded that this time last year was when I screwed up enough drunken courage to ask Holly what we were doing. Ah . . . such fond memories.

Anyway, Holly and I are supposed to meet my roommate and her fiance for drinks after work and enjoy the lingering pre-summer weather. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.

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