Monday, May 09, 2005

"Big mistake falling for a first class rake . . ."

I've been spending too much time at my local pub and I even reiterated this on Saturday night to the pub's owner.

Owner: "The Universe wants you to be here. There must be a reason why you are here."

New Age speak aside, perhaps she was right. Not only was I was shamelessly getting to know Cat the bartender and playing the "Make a Random Drink for Me" game, I was also getting to know the owner's British husband (boyfriend?). He told me of a two bedroom floor-thru just two stops down the subway line where the owner was looking for the "right tenants" to occupy it. Who knows, though a tad bit fortuitous since our lease is up on the loft in July. I gave him my number and email address.

So that was my Saturday night. Sunday I moped around the house for lack of concrete plans or anything exciting to divert my attention with. Plans I had with Jess fell apart and I sulked by reading some Harry Potter. My mopiness even spilled into today when I came to the conclusion that I Hate Everyone, especially Kinkos . . . but that's another story.

In case any of you were wondering what the deal was with Holly, I tried to breach the subject with her on Thursday. Both of us had had a lot of tequila and I tried to suavely (drunkenly) ask "what we were doing here." Results were mixed and inconclusive. She kept saying, "I'm totally crazy." When I asked for clarification, I could tell that we were sailing into awkward conversation territory. I steered us back towards neutral ground and decided that this is going to have to be a concerted effort on my part . . . unless she is just trying warn me off. Hmmm.

And then I read my horoscope for today:

The Bottom Line

What's wrong with this picture? Find the tiny problem before it grows.

In Detail

Getting close to someone isn't an easy job for any of us, but it definitely becomes more difficult when you're wise enough to know not just what closeness entails, but exactly what you're risking to give it a try. You, of course, are quite familiar with all the highs and lows of intimate relationships, so when you decide to take one on, it's a tremendous compliment. You may have found someone who also understands all of this. Let them know how much they're appreciated.


Anonymous said...

What's a "floor through"?


nycrouge said...

A "floor through" is a term for an apartment that has the entire floor. Definitely a term heard more in NY than DC.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a gem. Good luck!