Friday, July 31, 2009

"Your life was more interesting back when you were a swinging single."

Today marks the end of another July in New York, a time when humidity and my body conspires against me and I walk around in a endless soaking of sweat. I'm looking forward to my trip to Stockholm for obvious reasons, but also because I have a feeling that the weather will be nicer than it is in Gotham.

Continuing a recent trend, I've been very remiss in writing in my blog. Ms. K is unimpressed and has periodically declared, "Do you not love your blog anymore?" I do love my blog, but summertime apathy has not helped. That and my life is blessedly boring these days. Do you forgive me, dear readers? However I think Ms. K has an emotional attachment/investment in my blog because it is how we met. And for those who have been around long enough, the 17th marked our two year anniversary. Why does it feel longer? I mean that in a good way of course.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Although now that you point it out . . ."

Ms. K shot me an email today.

"I was just reading your blog. Maybe you could mention that your current girlfriend does not look like a teenage boy."

Yes, it's true, Ms. K does not look like a teenage boy, or Daniel Radcliffe, or any of the actors from the Harry Potter movies.

"Although now that you point it out," she continued, "I have seen pictures of [Crazy Ex], and you are right. She does look like him. Weird."

See, it's not just me.

I don't give much thought to Crazy Ex as she's ancient history, but while I was out for drinks with work colleagues last night, one of them asked, "Are any of you still friends with your exes?"

Funny that you should ask . . . . No.

"Really? What happens to those feelings? I don't think they ever really go away."

They do, I insisted as an emotionally divorced jumble of memories spilled into the forefront of my mind.

Look, if your ex-girlfriend looked like a blond Daniel Radcliffe you'd banish those feelings too.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"i just dont undersunders"

Every year, or rather ever year that a Harry Potter movie poster blitzes New York City, it has become increasingly apparent to me that actor Daniel Radcliffe looks an awful lot like my crazy ex-girlfriend. Strange . . . and also a little bit creepy. I'm not sure what this says about my overall taste in women, but in my defense it was the 90s and I didn't know better.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

"In my mind I see airports and hear the cacophony of European train stations."

The hotels are booked at a ridiculously discounted rate, plane tickets purchased, and passports renewed. In five weeks, Ms. K and I will be on a fight to Stockholm and a few days after that we'll be on a flight to Amsterdam. Ah, adventure. If we're lucky, no one will be getting food poisoning again.

I'm thinking that this trip is my do-over. It has to be. My previous trip abroad burned through so much bad travel karma that I'm expecting a gentle, relaxing flight to Stockholm full of quiet passengers and helpful flight attendants. (Ms. K, however, will be covered in nicotine patches to get her through the eight hour flight.)

So, dear European readers. I know there are a few of you left. If anyone can give me recommendations of places to go whilst in Stockholm and Amsterdam, that would be great. You know, places beyond the super touristy stuff.

And if anyone remembers, it was back in early 2008 that I felt a strong sense that I would be traveling abroad soon. Who knew that "soon" meant a year and half later. Not that I am complaining or anything.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

"I am starting to heart Brooklyn like you do."

Like any couple, Ms. K and I have our differences of taste. Dogs vs. Cats is one such issue, so much that at one point you would have thought we were trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East. Another issue has been Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

When I first met Ms. K she was a die hard Manhattanite -- an Upper East Sider to be exact. And although I am originally from Maryland, my love of Brooklyn has become a fiercely rooted part of my New York cultural identity. Divested of her Manhattan residency, Ms. K reluctantly came to Brooklyn, first crashing with me in Lefferts Gardens and then sharing an apartment in Kensington. However her heart has always longed to be back in Manhattan and periodically she'll send me emails of apartment listings.

"Look, honey. We could live in Manhattan!" she'd say.


I realize that the secret to any good relationship is compromise, but both of us had entrenched ourselves on opposite ends of the East River cultural divide.

"See how nice Brooklyn is and how much space you get for your dollar?" I'd say.


"But they have good restaurants in Brooklyn!"

"They have good restaurants in Manhattan too!"

This has always been a theoretical argument because unless we suddenly came into a large sum of money, economic practicalities dictate that we would be Brooklynites, much to Ms. K's chagrin. But I think the tide might be turning in this argument. Oh yes, I think Ms. K maybe coming around the the ol' BK. It started with this post on Brownstoner that I sent to her.

"Look! If we live in Brooklyn we can have a backyard and a pool!" (Nevermind the lack of 1.5 million dollars. Details, details.)

Hmmm, she thought.

Who knew the lofty goal of owning a pool would be such a trump card?

And today, when I teased that her much beloved Sarah Jessica Parker maybe moving to Park Slope and that Brooklyn can't be all that bad, she said, "Like I said the other day, maybe I was being too quick about [hating Brooklyn]. I am starting to heart Brooklyn like you do."