Friday, July 31, 2009

"Your life was more interesting back when you were a swinging single."

Today marks the end of another July in New York, a time when humidity and my body conspires against me and I walk around in a endless soaking of sweat. I'm looking forward to my trip to Stockholm for obvious reasons, but also because I have a feeling that the weather will be nicer than it is in Gotham.

Continuing a recent trend, I've been very remiss in writing in my blog. Ms. K is unimpressed and has periodically declared, "Do you not love your blog anymore?" I do love my blog, but summertime apathy has not helped. That and my life is blessedly boring these days. Do you forgive me, dear readers? However I think Ms. K has an emotional attachment/investment in my blog because it is how we met. And for those who have been around long enough, the 17th marked our two year anniversary. Why does it feel longer? I mean that in a good way of course.


Carmen! said...

Keep being boring, "exiting" is overrated. I am studying in Sweden (I'm a Dominican reader. I guess if you check your stats you would have already asked who this Dominican lesbian was... here I am.) and I have to say.... maybe the weather here is not as good as you expect it to be but the people are worth it. As much as I miss reading your blog I can (as you say, in a good way) live without it if that means that at least one person (you) is happy. Thank you for the posts and I really hope Ms. K and you are as happy as Swedish pop. Good luck around here!! (I live in Goteborg so I won't even try to say I could show you around).

Tessan said...

"maybe the weather here is not as good as you expect it to be"
it´s been raining all f ing sumer on the west coast!!
(I live 80 km south of Göteborg)

ToonCat said...

"as happy as Swedish pop" - my new favourite phrase. Thanks Carmen!

It's true we do miss your updates, but you & Ms K being AHASP is way more important!