Thursday, July 02, 2009

"I am starting to heart Brooklyn like you do."

Like any couple, Ms. K and I have our differences of taste. Dogs vs. Cats is one such issue, so much that at one point you would have thought we were trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East. Another issue has been Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

When I first met Ms. K she was a die hard Manhattanite -- an Upper East Sider to be exact. And although I am originally from Maryland, my love of Brooklyn has become a fiercely rooted part of my New York cultural identity. Divested of her Manhattan residency, Ms. K reluctantly came to Brooklyn, first crashing with me in Lefferts Gardens and then sharing an apartment in Kensington. However her heart has always longed to be back in Manhattan and periodically she'll send me emails of apartment listings.

"Look, honey. We could live in Manhattan!" she'd say.


I realize that the secret to any good relationship is compromise, but both of us had entrenched ourselves on opposite ends of the East River cultural divide.

"See how nice Brooklyn is and how much space you get for your dollar?" I'd say.


"But they have good restaurants in Brooklyn!"

"They have good restaurants in Manhattan too!"

This has always been a theoretical argument because unless we suddenly came into a large sum of money, economic practicalities dictate that we would be Brooklynites, much to Ms. K's chagrin. But I think the tide might be turning in this argument. Oh yes, I think Ms. K maybe coming around the the ol' BK. It started with this post on Brownstoner that I sent to her.

"Look! If we live in Brooklyn we can have a backyard and a pool!" (Nevermind the lack of 1.5 million dollars. Details, details.)

Hmmm, she thought.

Who knew the lofty goal of owning a pool would be such a trump card?

And today, when I teased that her much beloved Sarah Jessica Parker maybe moving to Park Slope and that Brooklyn can't be all that bad, she said, "Like I said the other day, maybe I was being too quick about [hating Brooklyn]. I am starting to heart Brooklyn like you do."


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von Eisberg said...

Home is where your heart is.
Good for you!
I shall try your strategy over here and see if I can convince my fiancee to consider this part of town for our future real estate joint venture.