Thursday, July 09, 2009

"In my mind I see airports and hear the cacophony of European train stations."

The hotels are booked at a ridiculously discounted rate, plane tickets purchased, and passports renewed. In five weeks, Ms. K and I will be on a fight to Stockholm and a few days after that we'll be on a flight to Amsterdam. Ah, adventure. If we're lucky, no one will be getting food poisoning again.

I'm thinking that this trip is my do-over. It has to be. My previous trip abroad burned through so much bad travel karma that I'm expecting a gentle, relaxing flight to Stockholm full of quiet passengers and helpful flight attendants. (Ms. K, however, will be covered in nicotine patches to get her through the eight hour flight.)

So, dear European readers. I know there are a few of you left. If anyone can give me recommendations of places to go whilst in Stockholm and Amsterdam, that would be great. You know, places beyond the super touristy stuff.

And if anyone remembers, it was back in early 2008 that I felt a strong sense that I would be traveling abroad soon. Who knew that "soon" meant a year and half later. Not that I am complaining or anything.


Haizey said...

I have only been to Stockholm once, many years ago now, but I still remember how magical the Gamla Stan (the old town) was. An absolutely stunning place to amble around. For most of my trip I was staying with friends but one night we decided to stay in the city and booked into the 'Maelardrottninge' which is a floating hotel, actually it is the Yacht that was once owned by The Woolworth family. It was definitely an experience, not the most comfortable nights sleep but I was glad to have done it.

Hope you have a fantastic trip and blog a little about it on your return.

Nelfy said...

God, I loved Amsterdam! And not just because we were there during Pride :D. It's been a while (3 years, I think), but in general a walk around town is always a good idea. We took a boat tour that was nice, you get a different perspective. I'd not just walk around the 'touristy' parts of town, but also just along the canals. I loved how green the city was and some places seemed really quiet to me. It's not a big town, so rather easy to discover by foot, if you ask me. We were there 3 days and that was more than enough, although we did leave out the museums.