Monday, August 03, 2009

"No, honey, it's our desk."

Each day that goes by, Ms. K and I become a little more merged, a little more complexly interwoven. It's been a year since we moved in together, but there's still plenty of stuff to cede to the collective "we".

"That's my desk," Ms. K will say of the glass IKEA desk that houses both my iMac and her Macbook Pro.

"No, honey, it's our desk."

That's all fine until I started sharing my Netflix account with Ms. K and discovered that a certain someone (ahem) had been watching Cher: The Farewell Tour, irrevocably throwing off my Netflix recommendations. This stands in sharp contrast to the unfortunate pile up of Holocaust themed movies in my queue that I am understandably never quite in the mood to watch. Although Ms. K and I recently watched The Reader, I joked, noting my Netflix queue, that we could follow The Reader with a double feature of Sophie Scholl: The Final Days and Bent.

Hmmm . . . Cher: The Farewell Tour isn't looking so bad anymore.

3 comments: said...

You know you can create different users on your netflix account, right?

You can even allot them a certain amount of discs a month. :D

p.s. totally jealous of your mac collection!

Anonymous said...

Because my mother doesn't know how to work a computer, I share my queue with her and she picks up the DVDs when she visits. Therefore, Netflix is always recommending highbrow Masterpiece Theater to me, instead of the sexy lesbian films I want. In other words, it could be worse.

jesse james said...

Violet and I are in a long standing passive aggressive netflix que war. I'll sneak some animal documentary to #1 and a few minutes later I'll get an email from them that says, "Yet another boring subtitled french coming of age story has just been sent."

How does she time it so perfectly? I don't know. What I do know is that the Farewell tour is amazing (I saw it live... twice)! I like this girlfriend of yours.