Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Straight lines to bad lands."

I've decided to give up on Holly. If my life were a sitcom, we would be a storyline of unfulfilled romantic potential providing enough titillation to get the viewers hooked before taking on a separate story arc. But I should clarify that by giving up on Holly I do not mean that I'm giving up on friendship, it's just that I am not getting a lot of reward/feedback for my efforts. Who knows . . . maybe something will happen down the line, but for now it's time to concede defeat gracefully.

Speaking of conceding defeat, I totally got read the riot act at work today over the Major Fuck Up That Shall Not Be Named. Basically I'm on really thin ice, which is not fun. But hey, if my interview on Friday goes well it will give me a chance to get the hell out of there.

Or maybe I'll just run away and join the circus.


M.Thom said...

I'll keep all possible body parts crossed that your interview goes well!

nycrouge said...

Please god, yes.