Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Would you like a gift receipt?"

Can today be any more boring and tedious? Besides those PDFs I put online, I've had NOTHING to do today other than screw around on GU and fantasize about getting a new job. I even had the balls to contact the woman I interviewed with nearly two weeks ago to reaffirm my interest in the position only to get her out of office reply. Besides that disappointing email, contact with the outside world has been frightfully dismal. Even my lunch time purchase of gym shirts and gold flip-flops wasted a mere 45 minutes. I don't even have a happy hour to look forward to -- just a pile of dishes and an obligatory trip to the gym. And it's like 40 degrees outside, overcast, and windy.

This is the longest day ever.

* * *

Never a big lover of dogs, I have been surprised (dismayed) to realize that I'm starting to like them (!). I once previously mentioned in this blog that I even caught myself cooing over someone's spaniel in the elevator one day. What the hell? So last night I dreamed that not only was I the owner of a chihuahua puppy, but I named it Ben. And then the little shit peed on me when I picked him up.

Please let this not be a vision of the future . . . though I am slightly intrigued about the notion of being a chihuahua owner.


Anonymous said...

Here is a blog you may enjoy. Maybe it can help fill the time.


M.Thom said...

I also think I would like to be a Chihuahua owner...or some other little dog that I can stick in a bag and cart around with me. I even found one on Petfinder...a Chi and Rat Terrier mix that was white named Bunny...with one up ear and one down ear...precious. And yet I live with my parents, so no Bunny for me!