Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Oh son, your missus is a nutter."

Dennise emailed me yesterday to ask "what the hell is going on up there?" I think she was a little dismayed by the creepier versions of the opposite sex taking a sudden interest in me (see previous entry). Hopefully it's just a phase; it's hard work trying to dodge the roving hands of the creepy men.

I've been out five nights straight. My wallet is depleted, my liver taxed, my body sleep deprived, and I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more beverages of the alcoholic variety later as it is my coworker's last day. Just say no, kids. Oh and I need to rest up before Beth gets into town on Wednesday for a round of NY fun.

* * *

I made progress in my campaign to add the word "akhenatenize" to the English language. Having spread the word on my nefarious plans for Phil Collins, people began offering their own ideas about who or what should be akhenatenized. The incomplete list is as follows. Feel free to add your own.

Ranch dressing
Britney Spears
George W. Bush
Penn Station
Escalades and Hummers

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