Wednesday, June 01, 2005

". . . even before it went on the website I began to hate myself."

Blogs are inherently banal. With each entry they threaten to descend into a chronicle of gripes or a laundry list of activities. I've done my best to provide exciting insight into the minutiae and tedium of my life, though there are days when this is the best I can provide:

1:56 - Checked subscriptions on GU.
2:15 - Met Beth for second lunch of iced coffee and panini. Nibbled on fries generously provided by Beth.
2:54 - Returned to work.
3:05 - Checked email.
3:05 - Received email from MTA stating that the L wasn't running this weekend.
3:05 - Uttered profanity under my breath.
3:07 - Emailed Holly.
3:25 - Lamented over my love life.
3:48 - Remembered how much I hate my job.
3:50 - Remembered to start looking at job postings.
3:54 - Checked email. No new messages on the server.
3:55 - Checked job postings on Craigslist.

Not very interesting, right?

If 17th century diarist Samuel Pepys were alive today, he might be one of the many bloggers crowding cyberspace. In fact, his diary has been turned into a blog of sorts with each entry corresponding to the day that he wrote it, albeit 343 years previous. For those who are history nerds like me, it's an interesting alternative to reading contemporary blogs. You can find it here.

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