Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Arse over teakettle."

Ow, ow, OW!

I have a crick in my back so that every time I turn to my right, a corresponding sharp pain slices through the muscles surrounding my right shoulder blade. All this because I have been sleeping on the couch since last Sunday. Why? Because it is hot as Hades in my bedroom even with the air conditioning on, thus making conditions ripe for heat induced insomnia.

So I've been sleeping on the couch, next to the AC. I figured since both my roommates are in the UK, I'd take advantage of their absence and drag my pillows out to the couch and make a go of it and enjoy the sweet relief.

Except my plan obviously backfired this morning. Perhaps it was the shooting pain that woke me up at quarter to five or the cat, Figaro, who likes to jump on my face. I guess the couch was not made to be a long term alternative sleep location. I picked up my pillows and dragged myself back to my bedroom in pain, defeated by both the heat and the couch.

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