Monday, May 22, 2006

"Naughty girl. I'm going to stop flirting now and take a cold shower."

What is modern dating? Modern dating is spending three hours flirting with someone via text messaging. Modern dating is getting a thumb cramp from using the number keys to spell words. Oh so modern, n'est-ce pas?

I recently declared in this blog, ". . . there's no way in hell I'm getting caught in the middle of a four way dyke drama." And for those keeping score at home, it took less than a week for my convictions to crumble in a sepia haze of jack & cokes, beer, and amaretto. I don't recommend drunken sex, but it did the trick.

Having spent the rest of Saturday afternoon ex-haust-ed from the shenanigans, I somehow managed to find the energy to go out for karaoke with Lesbian Club members. Things got surreal when AC, a rival suitor, showed up at the bar and confided how she was trying to screw up the courage to kiss Val.* So when Val arrived by midnight, AC aggressively kicked up her flirting. All I could think was, She was naked in my bed less than 24 hours ago. She likes me better, so nyer!

Before this begins to paint Val in a bad light, she later did the right thing and sat AC down, telling her that she only wants to be friends. Holly and I were drinking beers a couple yards away and from the corner of my eye I could tell that AC was not amused.

So that was my weekend. Honestly I expected more response, dear readers. Perhaps a collective gasp or a virtual slap on the back or even a harrumph of disapproval. The best I got was a, "Rock on with your bad self!" email from Signe. And though it's probably far too early to don a flight suit and declare "Mission Accomplished!" in the five month OFTL campaign, a crucial victory has been achieved.

Hooray for tackling!

* From now on, VM will be known as Val.


J-Wo said...

A hearty virtual slap on the back for you! Or perhaps a naughty girl!!

EnnuiHerself said...

Here's to crumbling convictions!!


And, while I can't speak for any of the other dear readers, I was too busy communing with the geese to comment. Although I did notice when your post when from 2 lines to several paragraphs.

H said...

Totally awesome. I'm enjoying the continuing drama. Maybe I'll start referring to all these stories as "The T Word," with the T being for "tackling."

And here's a high-five. *slap*

Are you at all worried AC will find out very soon and get angry with you?

nycrouge said...

Yeah, I'm afraid that AC will think that I am being underhanded since she confided in me her feelings for Val. And that wasn't my intention at all since I was respectful till it was obvious that Val didn't like AC or AD in that way.

Or it could be called "The T Files." Just without the aliens.

helen said...

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