Thursday, May 04, 2006

"I just want a lover like any other. What do I get?"

Oh no! It's happened! Everyone is hooking up in Lesbian Club except for me. Found out last night that VM went on a couple dates with AD. AD also went on a couple dates with B. Meanwhile VM also went on a couple dates with AC. VM is not sure if she likes AC and isn't used to dating, but thinks BZ is really hot. Still with me? I'll draw a chart sometime.

Though I do take some pleasure in being the facilitator of people's social and dating lives, I WANT IN ON THE ACTION. Hmpf. Take this exchange from last night's Lesbian Club:

VM: "I'll play matchmaker! What's your type?"

Me: For some reason I'm really embarrassed to answer this question.
"Well after doing my thing with Anne, I realized that perhaps I don't have a type anymore. Normally I don't go for butch girls."

Marie: "Yeah, she was pretty butch."

Me: "Definitely someone who's funny and smart and confident."

Marie: "Time for you to find someone. Is there anyone in Lesbian Club you have your eye on?"

Me: "Well there's plenty of people I wouldn't mind making out with."

Truth be told there's one girl, BC, who's pretty hot and my type. BC happens to be the sister of my Bushwick bartender and while BC is hot, she just broke up with E. Oy vey. My life has become a not so interesting episode of the L Word. Just wait for me to draw my own chart.

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