Monday, May 15, 2006

"Goodnight, Prince Charming."

One of the responsibilities that comes with being a Grand Poobah of Gayness is that I have to provide emotional support for my minions group members. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, there is some cross hooking up going on and I've been put in the situation where I have one of my members,
Val, confiding in me about her dates with AC. Unbeknownst to her, AC is also confiding in me. Trouble is that AC really likes Val, but the feeling isn't exactly mutual and I've got to keep my mouth shut. I do my best to provide support and encouragement and to get both parties to work out their feelings like the good mediator that I am. Should I also mention that one of my other members is really interested in Val? Think things couldn't get any more complicated?

Wait for it . . .

Val and I have developed a sort of pre-relationship. I think. I'm not sure if I want anything to happen, but
Val keeps saying things that hint rather obviously that she's interested -- hints that I got after spending a lot of the weekend with her. And it's not just her throwing hints, but I think the universe might be weighing in too.

• There have been some odd coincidences. We both used to get our hair cut by the same guy at Axis Salon in freakin' DC. I looked at an apartment in her building in Crown Heights when she was living there. There are freakier coincidences that I'll edit in later.

When I said, "What on earth do all these coincidences mean?!" She responded, "It means that we're supposed to be together."

Val and I ended up dancing rather closely till 2 am Friday/Saturday. And when I saw Val at Holly's birthday party Saturday night, she complimented me on my dancing and said that she always believed that people who could dance were also good fucks.

AC can't stop going on about my mojo bed, which Val hasn't had the pleasure to see. Val quipped saucily that I would have to invite her over to see it.

After brunch yesterday, Val and I went for a walk in Prospect Park for a couple hours. At one point, after I asked about what was going on with her and AC, she talked of chemistry and her hesitation of pursuing a relationship. "This doesn't mean I'm coming onto you, but you and I have a lot of chemistry."

I should note that there's no way in hell I'm getting caught in the middle of a four way dyke drama. But as I got out of Val's car on Sunday after our time in the park, my shoe accidentally came off.

"Sorry," I said, reaching to retrieve it from the car. "I seem to have pulled a Cinderella."

She laughed. "It's a sign!"

"Goodnight, Prince Charming," I said with a smile and closed her car door.


H said...

Since I don't get Showtime and can't watch The L Word, I'm so enjoying this lesbian soap opera. It's probably better written than the L Word anyway. :)

nycrouge said...

Hahaha. And the sad thing that this is real life and all of it is true.

Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Rouge, your story gives me a great bit of comfort. I just got through two hours of Grey's and am a mess. That show generally has that effect on me. Better yet, I'm coming down off a shit storm of drama along the lines of what you are sharing. Chunk has been seeing Simon, but wasn't that in to Simon (or so I was told). At least, wasn't into Simon for more than a few late nights. Knowing this, in Chunk's absence, I suddenly found myself caught up in Simon recently. And it feels amazing. But the more Chunk finds out, the more angry he is getting. But I don't care. I friggin want to run away from all of this SHIT for once and run towards something that ACTUALLY makes me smile, not just feel guilty or bad about myself. For the first time in a long time, I'm not a bull-in-a-china-shop on this one (just the rest of my life).

Thank you Rouge!

averagedrinker said...

whatever gender preference there is,i think the most exciting part of a love connection is the pre-relationship stage. okey, i'm a bit romantic and has the tendency to fall so deep into the guy but this is the stage wherein there's going to be a lot of casual thing going. the kiss, the hand band thing,etc. it's more interesting if you're into online dating like webdate*com for instance. more surprises,more expectations waiting to be filled in.