Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Choose the face that describes your pain?"

Here's a grab bag of things that are going on:

- Wallace, my L Train stalker, is back. I thought the whole avoiding him thing would work, but I made the mistake of checking to see if he was on the platform this morning. Big mistake. He saw me, and this is the best part, he must have booked it to my end of the platform because the train came right away. Just as I was about to get on, I saw Wallace lurking over my shoulder. Sneaky bastard! And he purposely followed me down the train car. As Dennise would say, now I have to move.

- Speaking of moving, I saw a shitty basement apartment on Tuesday. Nice that it was only a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, but it was still a shitty basement apartment with a broken glass filled "garden." However . . . drum roll please . . . I think we may have found a place in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. I probably shouldn't say anything till we fax in our financial info and get approved, but this apartment is a) not a shit hole b) two blocks from Prospect Park and c) the huge second floor of an old brownstone that still has all the old details (club foot bathtub, parquet floors, stained glass doors). Skill!

- My weird stomach pains came back. I finally gave in and went to the doctor today to hear what I expected -- nothing. $20, a collapsed vein, two needle holes, and a vial of blood later, I still wasn't any wiser as to why I was violently sick on Tuesday after eating sushi and thusly experienced the Worst Pain Of My Life. Yes it could have been food poisoning, but why did I have stomach pains last week? My unscientific hypothesis is that I got mild food poisoning last week from undercooked salmon. With my system weakened and more susceptible to bacteria/toxins, it probably freaked out when I tried to eat lots of sashimi. The best advice the doctor could give me was to not eat fish for a couple of weeks. Okay then.

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