Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"I feel like you two would be the awesomest reigning couple of Lesbiandom ever."

My life is pretty fucking rad right now. And this is why.

For all my hand wringing over Operation Find The Lesbians, my hard work is starting to germinate. No, I don't mean that I have a girlfriend or that things with Val have taken a turn towards something (more on that later), but rather all those peripheral things that accompany OFTL are coalescing.

Mainly, I have Lesbian friends! And we are, like, planning things. Trips to Fire Island, 4th of July roof parties, and other totally rad things that friends do. This is really the whole point of Lesbian Club, even though I might joke that it's a way for me to get laid.

On Monday, Maire and I went to go see Goldfrapp at Irving Plaza. Despite the ill advised amount of gin consumed on my part, I had a fantastic time seeing (double) Alison Goldfrapp go diva in front of a wind machine. It's only because of Lesbian Club that I made a friend in Marie, whose own musical taste tends to overlap with my obscure/snobbish/indie preferences. Maire is definitely a keeper.

Part II of my Totally Rad Life was hanging out with three of my Lesbian Club members for pub quiz at the Cattyshack last night. Though we tied in overtime with another trivia team, there's nothing like bonding with your fellow team members over drinks and obscure knowledge.

So I spoke in my last entry of the swirling possibilities surrounding Val and I. Funny how I didn't think I was interested until I acknowledged to myself that she was flirting with me. Now I think I'm interested . . . and I'm flirting back. Remember when I said there were two other people who are also interested? This could get messy.


J-Wo said...

Dear Lord,

When did *rad* come back as an acceptable adjective? I'm falling...falling...falling back to the unfortunate era known as the 1980s...fighting the urge to tease my bangs and pinch-roll my jeans...must resist...

Like, totally.

nycrouge said...

Hmmm. This entry was a bit gushing, wasn't it. I'll take a moment to slap myself later.