Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Thanks again for staying last night."

Um, so I didn't go home last night. Instead I did the Walk Of Shame around 7 am this morning, taking the Q train from Val's place to mine. Luckily we only live four stops apart. I'm sure the guy selling the Daily News outside the Prospect Park station did a double take when I walked back to the subway all freshly showered and changed.

Let's rewind a bit.

On Thursday night I had Val over for a quiet dinner at my place. She brought me wine and flowers [insert girly squeal] and I made fennel and shrimp risotto. I must have impressed her because she stayed over in the mojo bed. Though I had Friday off and would have loved to have spent it in bed with Val, I got up and headed to Penn Station to catch a train to DC. Ms. Wish To See's wedding was slated for Saturday morning and I throughly enjoyed talking smut over gin and champagne with J-Wo and Mr. Bad Apologies during Friday night's pre-wedding partying in Germantown. Things were a little more lethargic on Saturday, but Ms. Wish To See should know that she apparently went clubbing with The Gays on her wedding night. Does her new husband know this?

Right, so this weekend Val and I were apart and I felt like such a tool for missing her. Well shit, this probably means that I'm on the slippery lesbian slope heading towards monogamy. We texted on Monday night and then I hopped on a Q train to her place. We hung out and then things progressed to the bedroom.

Something that I'm going to have to get used to -- sharing a bed with Val's affectionate 85 lb dog.

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EnnuiHerself said...

(squeals for NYCRouge)

So can we declare OFTL an official success?