Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Are you at all worried AC will find out very soon and get angry with you?"

I have developed the bad habit of eating meals out -- especially breakfast and lunch. Breakfast usually consists of coffee and toast from the deli by my work and most days my request for "two slices of wheat toast with butter" results in only a meagre spread of butter. But some days when I'm lucky, such as this morning, I get a welcome surprise of butter soaked toast. These mornings seem a little blessed.

I'm hoping this extra karmic butter will carry me through the day because Val told AC about her and I. Yes, the cat is out of the bag and I felt like such an asshole yesterday afternoon. So much that I google chatted with Dennise about my moral crisis and then decided that emailing AC with some sort of mea culpa or explanation was the adult thing to do. Above all I wanted to assure AC that I didn't purposely try to undermine her efforts with Val and dispel any thoughts that this was some sort of nefarious plan. So once I got home and steeled my nerves, I typed out an email that I hoped would somehow ameliorate the situation.

I have yet to hear anything back.


H said...

Well, I'm thinking she's going to be pissed and not want to talk to you - at least not for some time.

But maybe she'll surprise you. Or not. Either way, I'm enjoying The T Word.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give a brief update on my FWB situation. (Remember, using my own blog for this sort of bawdy description has become taboo, so I'm resorting to The Grand Poobah of Brooklyn Lesbiansim's blog for the satiation of my voyeuristic readers.)

Let me summarize: The man has skillz.

(Squeamish readers should skip to the bottom.)

To wit (whit?), last night--while pressing me against my car in a completely public lot parking lot--he managed to keep one hand in my hair while using the other hand to unhook my bra, unbutton my pants, and, ahem, well, do *other* things.

The poor people of Alexandria, Virginia who were unlucky enough to be parking their cars at 11 p.m. last night (and there are at least 3 of you that I *know* about) are probably entering therapy right now.

And as for me, I learned a new...[insert awkward pause while I think of a nice euphamism]...technique. A quick conference with Mr. Bad Apologies today confirms that it is indeed a rather unusual variation, but we agreed that strange things can be hot when the other person takes a special delight in them.

And finally, an excerpt from our email exchange today:

Him: [blank email]
Me: Did you mean to send me a blank email?
Him: Oops, no sorry.
Me: I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss a message that said, "meet me in 20 minutes for mind-blowing sex". You know, because that would make me sad.
Him: Ha! Sorry, there was no such message... today.

That's all for now. - J-Wo

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Still catching up on the blog. It might be interesting to point out that Doug was dating my friend Chuck, then left Check for me, and I told Chuck this news on May 20. We are running in practical exact tandum!

Only comment--e-mail is a copout. ;)