Saturday, November 19, 2005

"My name is Keith and I'll be here all evening."

Me: "So about you kissing me last night."

Holly: "You kissed me."

Me: "Oh."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made an absolute heel of myself last night. My dignity is all spent and there's a little bit of vomit on my new velvet blue blazer. My landlord even had to see me doing the walk of shame after I took a car back from Holly's place this morning.

Don't worry, nothing happened between Holly and I . . . per usual. And I found out why nothing has been happening all these months I've been carrying a small torch for her -- she's having an affair with her married boss.


Anonymous said...

WHOA!! Oh, I am sorry, on all counts.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, unexpected drama! Is said boss a man or a woman? -M

Jennifer said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!

Well, if it's any consolation, I too am facing a failed romantic relationship (although I'm not sure if we should classify your relationship with Holly as "failed romantic" as much as "never got off the ground"). Console yourself with the fact that you didn't bring him home to meet your family. That worked for me...oh wait, I *did* bring him home to meet the family...and then never saw him again.

nycrouge said...

Yeah and I also was so drunk on Friday that I don't remember the hour that Holly and I walked around the Lower East Side because she was afraid that if she put me in a cab, I would be sick. Instead I was sick all over the Lower East Side . . . and her couch. Sigh. Free vodka BAD.

Boss is a man. Hmph. I'm feeling much better than Saturday when I was a) hungover b) too stupid to live and c) in such a complete state of shock.

Life moves on.

Red said...

Oh Holly, Holly. Don't be *THAT* Woman. My tolerance for married affairs is inflammingly low right now (see my new personal blog for more) Big big hugs Rouge!!!