Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Spread the love vibration."

As today marks the last day of January, let's look back on the progress of Operation Find The Lesbians.

Lesbians Found: >15
First Dates: 5
Second Dates: 0
Lesbian Bars Visited: 2
Alcohol Units Consumed: >40 (conservative estimate)

Hmmmmm. Not too bad after all, though I should probably consider penciling a few nights on the wagon after trying to guesstimate the number of alcoholic beverages consumed during January. And I'm disappointed that there weren't any second dates and I probably have a few more weeks of online dating stamina left in me before tedium levels reach a breaking point. Actually it's not the tedium but rather the constant going out that gets tiring. Lordy, January was anything but boring. My new workweek bedtime is 12:30 am.

Today marks the first time since last Wednesday that I haven't had something going on at night. I'm absolutely knackered. Last night I went and saw Josh Rouse at Joe's Pub. I was in heaven because I managed to snag a table right by the stage and thus I was all of three feet from Josh. Holly was my concert companion and props to her for getting Josh to sign my ticket. I felt like such a nerd. [Good review of the show I found online and with pictures!]

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