Monday, January 02, 2006

"Because nothing says 2006 like safety glasses."

new years
Can't . . . stop . . . watching . . . Law & Order . . . marathon.

This all started because I was hungover yesterday (someone had to drink that bottle of champagne) and was stuck in front of the television. Damn you TNT and your Law & Order marathon. Now I can't stop watching and should be doing other things like working on J-Wo's stuff and finishing my father's project.

And this is how I've been spending the first couple days of 2006. Actually I really wanted . . .

[Pauses to watch Law & Order]

I really wanted to see Brokeback Mountain. Holly and I had loose plans to go see it, but apparently Holly has an immune system to rival J-Wo's and was not available. No gay cowboy sex for me. Boo hoo.

Oh and happy 2006 everyone!


Jennifer said...


Believe me, I know the painful process of TNT withdrawal. But if you can JUST turn of the television, admit you have a problem, and get to work on my project, you'll feel much better about yourself.

Above all, get to work on my project.


Your partner in the Two Thousand And Sex Project (but not in "that" way),


nycrouge said...

[Commercial break allows for blogging]

Oh yes, Two Thousand and Sex . . . something I should be working on.

And . . . I don't have a problem. I think.