Friday, January 27, 2006

"What does not kill us makes a thong."

Fear not, gentle readers. Though I have been slack with my updates, it has not been because I've fallen down a deep crevasse. Rather Operation Find The Lesbians has gone into full swing and, well, I've been finding the lesbians.

Last night I had a date with a lovely Irish woman who looked like the lesbian version of Alan Cumming. Even though there was a little too much flat-top going on, I really enjoyed my time and was out at the bar till 1 am on a school night talking about Irish politics, Mondrian, and Italian opera. I was even up when Mr. Bad Apologies texted me at 1:30 am. I expect full blog disclosure of your shenanigans, mister!

Which brings me to this: what the hell did people do before coffee???? Or rather what did Europeans do before the tea and coffee trade? My ancestors must have been sleepy because they were at the pub too long the night before. Actually I think the real answer is that they woke up and started drinking again. Ooof.

Oh and speaking of the Irish, I booked my ticket to London and I am almost certain that I am going to take a (hopefully) cheap detour to either Dublin or Cork. Hooray!

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