Thursday, January 12, 2006

"If you lose your job, I'll make out with you too."

Day Seven of Operation Find the Lesbians and my little foray into online dating has resulted in a couple of email conversations. We'll see if it results in actual dates too. And working the real life angle, yesterday was another meeting of the lesbian social group that I joined back before Christmas. Though I had to use three different subway trains to schlep out to the other side of Prospect Park, I eagerly awaited my chance to converse with real live lesbians.

And so I waited . . . and waited . . . and the only one other person to show up was Carmen, the organizer. The lesbians are proving more elusive than ever. That or they are definitely not in Windsor Terrace. More like hanging out in Vermont it seems.

Carmen and I ended up chatting for an hour, talking of goals for the group (if anyone shows up), and then about ex-girlfriends -- a common subject amongst lesbians. I then explained my recent history with Holly and my idea to write The Field Guide to Lesbian Dating -- kind of a spoof, but serious at the same time. Then I went on to say how email chemistry doesn't always equal physical chemistry. "That could be the title of one of your chapters!" she exclaimed. Hmmmmmm . . . Then Carmen tried to convince me to join a softball league. Errrr . . .

After the meeting, I convinced Carmen to walk all the way up the west side of Prospect Park -- two miles in all -- to Grand Army Plaza. I am now officially a walking BEAST. In other news, looks like I'll be going to London in March. You'd think I'd branch out a little and try other countries in Europe.


me said...

There's at least one single lesbian in VT. I can vouch for that.

Good luck, honey--you'll need it for that crazy NYC dating scene!


nycrouge said...

Aw, thanks. It's a huge time consuming task to track down these elusive women. And I thought living in New York was going to make this easier.