Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Fortunately (or unfortunately?) there was no public nudity."

My brain was broken this weekend. I broke my brain while going to see Brokeback Mountain. In fact, I broke my back too because I was sitting in the second row and I had to contort my neck and eyes into a position so I could actually see the screen. Why was I in the second row when I arrived at 8 pm for an 8:15 movie? Because apparently there's this new fangled idea where the movie actually starts at the listed time. Wow, what a concept. Too bad I didn't get the memo.

That was Friday. The ensuing broken brain left me with a painful headache into Saturday. Yes there was ibuprofen and there was even some Law & Order watchin'. Did I mention I was obsessed? It's gotten to a point where I try to insert Detectives Briscoe and Green into murder mysteries. Law & Order meets Gosford Park? Now that's what I call entertainment.

I promise I left the house this weekend. My brain was no longer broken on Sunday, so I took advantage of the sunshine and mild weather to walk five miles around Park Slope (I checked my path against an online pedometer). I needed some exercise because I was a total fatty sloth on Saturday. And how did I follow up my five mile walk? Had a beer and watched some more Law & Order.

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