Monday, January 16, 2006

"Hi! It would be desirable to get dating with you."

Operation Find The Lesbians: An Update

You'd think being sandwiched between 400 lesbians -- including two cast members of the L Word -- would be a good thing. Instead I could think of nothing more of going home. Yes, this was the most girl action I've gotten in a long time and my only opportunity thus far to say that I partied with celebrities, but going to Starlight on Sunday night afforded me one of those rare glimpses into hell.

Let's rewind a little bit.

Online dating is starting to pay off with real live dates. Tonight I have a date with Hannah and last night I met Carrie, former neuroscientist turned social worker, at Soda in Prospect Heights. I think it was more of a friend date, but we did go to Starlight afterwards to "look at hot girls." That's when I found myself in the East Village stuck in a club with about two or three hundred people above fire code. The place was so packed that it took 10 minutes to go five yards with people bottlenecking around the bar. "You look so bored," a drunk girl named Nicole said to me as I people watched. Great, I have my big chance to hang out with the lesbians and I can only managed "bored." Actually the look is called "sober."

Sorry, I just wasn't feeling the claustrophobic vibe -- though I did get to see both Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey from the L Word.

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