Thursday, January 19, 2006

"What if I don't? You gonna hit me with your Jesus stick?"

Blurgh. I've been bad with the updates lately and the only angle on my life lately that I seem to want to write about is PMS. Truth is I've been hit with some fierce PMS which makes me want to alternately use an untapped magic power that turns all my enemies into life size chocolate bars . . . or just be irrationally emotional. Remember Friday's cake incident?

Actually what I can write about is the fact that suddenly I have a real social life. Usually I rely on Holly and Jess to keep me entertained, but they have been flakes and thus On My List (just you wait for the rant on friends who get sucked into the Relationship Vortex). But hark! A recent slew of dates and my lesbian social group have picked up the slack and now I've been finding myself repeating, "Sorry, I can't do that night." I love being popular!

Now for my conundrum. I went out with a girl Monday that I liked and thought there was actual chemistry with (as opposed my usual dates). How long do I wait before I stick my neck out and email her to see if she wants to go out again?

(The title quote is from Lost, the bestest show ever next to Law & Order.)


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? It's already Thursday! Email that chick and set up a 2nd date for this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I concur with La (AKA, "Lesbian Dating Guru")

Red said...

Ditto. Take her to that brunch place!

nycrouge said...

Ugh. I emailed her. I feel like such a dork.