Monday, January 23, 2006

"Heaven, I'm in heaven."

It's Monday morning, raining, cold, and I'm a little hungover, but it's nice to savor life's little joys:

- Listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald while crossing the
Manhattan Bridge.

- Hot coffee that only costs 80 cents.
- The freshest muffin to go with said coffee.
- Seeing Claire (aka Lauren Ambrose) from Six Feet Under walking up 4th Avenue. Apparently she was on her way to karaoke.
- Spending a lazy Saturday with Mr. Bad Apologies.

I managed to persuade Mr. BA, up from DC for the weekend, to come to Prospect Heights for the Best Brunch Ever™. Then we proceeded to eat and drink our way through Saturday, which is probably why I am poorer and probably fatter. Maybe I shouldn't have had that muffin this morning.

In my previous entry I mentioned that I really enjoyed one of my dates last week and was not sure how long to wait before writing her again. You all in your infinite wisdom recommended that I write her straight away, which I did. And that's when I heard absolutely nothing back. Sigh.

Completely unrelated thought: If I had a minion, I would send them to the Soho post office to wait in the long ass line and get me a book of stamps. Stupid USPS and their postage increase. Stupid post office with its long lines. Why don't I have a minion??


Dennise said...

Can't you buy stamps at those little machines at the post office? Or ATMs? Or convenience/grocery stores? Or online?

I checked Froogle, no minions to be had.

Tara said...

Stamps by Mail. Never again will I go to the post office for stamps. I will have them delivered to my home instead. And I love the new children's book animals ones. they are adorable.

nycrouge said...

Apparently I didn't need a minion. When I went to the Soho post office during lunch, the place was oddly empty. (And usually there's a line to the automated machine too.)

Red said...

Better than *our* brunch? Sniff! I will try again!