Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"I'm to carry on making fun of you in his stead."

This reoccurring snow is taxing my patience. And since I'm PMSing, I have about a nanosecond worth of patience to begin with. That said, I tried to be proactive yesterday and buy snow boots since the Weather Channel was forecasting 6-10 inches for New York.

I probably last owned snow boots sometime around mid 1990s, boots that have been long discarded for being a) unstylish and b) covered in sheep poop from a freshman year trip to a farm. I managed to survive nearly the entirety of college sans snow boots and even the four years post college. Perhaps I am overdue for a pair, but one of the chief reasons I have been ambivalent about their purchase was that they are a) unstylish and b) only used about four times a year.

One thing I've learned since moving to New York is that it snows more than DC -- a lot more. Perhaps I shouldn't judge New York's snowfall based three months of residency, but we've had four major snows since I moved here in November -- more than what DC probably gets in a year.

So I went out at lunch yesterday and bought a sensible pair of Columbia lined/waterproof brown suede boots. When I showed them off to my friends on GU, I was mocked and told that they were "pensioner boots." And Lex said, "Big zip up the middle is so convenient, and the big ring helps with my arthritis."

The boots are going back. I have a reputation to uphold.


Anonymous said...

Come on! Are you REALLY going to return the boots just because those around you don't know what sensible snow shoes look like? If you do for Christ's sake don't buy UGGs. La

nycrouge said...

Pretty much. The boots went back and now I have mid calf lace ups.