Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Do your giggle again."

When I came out of the shower, Beth was sitting on the sofa wrapped in the Swedish flag. I have to admit it wasn't a look I was expecting and it was an odd accessory for Tivo watching. From the other room Nils suddenly roared over the din of the webcasted football game. Both Beth and I exchanged rather alarmed looks.

Beth: "Was that a good yell or a bad yell?"

Me: "Dunno."

Beth: "Oh wait. He's giggling."

From the sound of it, Sweden had just scored against Bulgaria. We stuck our heads into the other room to find Nils in his Sweden football shirt looking rather pleased. Earlier we thought we were going to have a very grouchy Scandinavian on our hands since there was no place in Washington to watch a footy match -- this was until he realized he could listen to the game over the internet.

Nils raise his arms excitedly over his head. "One nil. Sweden's winning!"

Unfortunately I couldn't stick around to see if they won the match.


Yoda said...

Webcasted Clemson games have kept me in front of my computer on more than one fall Saturday.

nycrouge said...

International crisis averted thanks to the internet.