Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"I'm disappointed that the infamous 'cockroach incident' has yet to make it onto your blog . . ."

Oh yes, the infamous cockroach incident. There will be two outcomes of this story: you'll either never patronize a certain Mexican restaurant in Cleveland Park or you'll secretly bring a cockroach to your next restaurnt meal.

Picture it, Cleveland Park, March 25, 2005. Four friends and I had just managed to polish off enchiladas, a pitcher and a half of raspberry margarita, and many chips and salsa. Quite full and not able to eat the rest of my chicken enchilada, I set my fork down and contemplated the impending food/alcohol coma. Something must have caught my eye because I looked down at my plate at the very moment a cockroach started to nibble at the remains of my guacamole.

I tried not to scream.

I think I managed to get Beth's attention by pointing at the cockroach or looking like I was going to vomit. Perhaps both. The whole table soon saw it and made more of a commotion then I could muster, including summoning the waiter over. Thankfully the waiter saw the cockroach before it scurried off the table and you could tell that he look genuinely embarrassed as he took my plate away.

I'm not sure what I expected from the restaurant -- at least have my meal free of charge. When the waiter came back and apologized profusely, he asked me if I wanted anything to drink on the house. I went straight for the expensive tequila and wondered if this was the best the restaurant was going to do. Then the waiter said that he talked to the manager and the whole bill would be free of charge (easily a $70 dinner since the pitchers of frozen margarita don't come cheap). It was nice to see the restaurant did the right thing seeing how I could have made a nasty call to the health department.

Oh and speaking of gross stuff, I dare you to google the word "scotsman" and click on the Images tab.*

* Probably best not to do this at work.


Anonymous said...

Re: scotsman

Good GOD!!!!!! I will never be the same again.

nycrouge said...

My work here is done.

Tara said...

Was it Alero??

nycrouge said...

Ding ding ding. You're correct.