Friday, March 18, 2005

"This is getting very intriguing."

So I had a muffin this morning. Not just any muffin, I had an apple bran muffin.

The bran bit wasn't part of my plan.

In fact when I pushed my way into Hans Deli this morning and walked straight back to the shelf with the muffins, I found that my usual offering was not in sight.

I stood there staring, not quite knowing what to do. A quick inventory of the shelf revealed that something was amis. Where was the swirly chocolately-not-chocolately-not-too-sweet muffin? Normally I can spot its crumbly top and bag it in like five seconds flat. My morning has a routine, you know.

For a tired girl, having to make alternate muffin plans at 8:52 am could very well be rocket science. Precious brain cells are just not available to weigh the options of blueberry against cranberry. And people were impatiently pushing past me to make their own muffin choices (or get to the plantains which were on the hot bar behind me).

In a panic, I scooped up the first innocuous looking muffin and shoved it into my white paper bag. But alas, it was apple bran.

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