Monday, March 14, 2005

"I need a round two."

Here's a lovely recap of my weekend for the readers at home.

Total bars visited: Three.
Gay bars visited: One.
Gin consumed: Too much. Ignorance is bliss you know.
Harry Potter movies watched: All three, baby. I was nerd-tastic and proud.
L Word episodes watched: Two.
Beef consumed: Ravenously picked over the remains of my Peter Lugar's doggy bag.
Potential dates set up: Two. Look at me go.
Purchases: "Jade" eye shadow by Stilla, tonic water, limes, eggs, toilet paper, and paper towels.
Ants killed: Twelve +. We're having a little problem in the loft.


H said...

I effing LOVE the L Word. It's now an addiction.

nycrouge said...

Oh it is. Guilty pleasure No. 428. Now if only Dana can ditch whatsherface . . . Tanya, stop macking on Alice, and hook back up with the HOT sous chef from the first season. Word.

H said...

I agree with you, but would add one more: Tina should just move in with me.

nycrouge said...

Poor Tina. All sprogged up. Why, Bette. Why were you such an idiot?

Jenny annoys the crap out of me though.

H said...

I think Jenny annoys everyone, but she certainly adds something to the storylines.

I mean, there's nothing like being able to say, "Hey man, I'm sorry that I broke down into heaving sobs while you were screwing me up against the glass of the seal tank. Like, totally. Wanna hear my story about knowing how to talk to manatees?"