Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Are you REALLY going to return the boots just because those around you don't know what sensible snow shoes look like?"

Shoe shopping: an addendum

The boots went back. They were not made for walking. But they were made for snow . . . which was the reason I bought them in the first place. Though I was mocked for their lack of style, another reason they went back was because I bought one size that was rather tight and since Columbia doesn't make half sizes and the next size up was too big. I thought, Well at least I'm taking them back and not wasting $100 on something I wasn't going to be comfortable wearing.

So after trying on a bazillon pairs of boots, including another variety of clunky Columbia boots and a pair of boots that looked like they were out of Ronald McDonald's closet, I finally settled on a $40 pair of black, half calf boots. And I thought, I'll be getting $50 back since I returned the more expensive pair!

Wrong. This place only gives store credits. Total scam.

Screw the boots. What I really should have bought were those cute red flats! And I still can since I apparently have $54.31 to spend.

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Anonymous said...

It is glaringly clear to me that those red flats are meant to be yours. La