Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Don't let a train take you from what you want."

The MTA is on my shit list.

Having sold my car, I rely solely on the subway. So when it's delayed (like the 6 was on Tuesday) or when it's not working at all (like the L this weekend), I get cranky. Very cranky. Not to mention that my indignation is further stoked by the fare hike on unlimited cards and that a New York Times article says that a quarter of subway pay phones don't work (unlike DC, the subway isn't wired for cell phone usage).

Back to the issue of the L not working.

Periodically the MTA shuts down parts of the L so that they can work on automating the line (trains run by computers, not drivers). Mostly the work is done after 12 am on weeknights, but sometimes they do this on the weekends . . . which cuts into my burgeoning social life, marooning me in my loft. And I'm supposed to go to the Upper West Side on Saturday for game night with a girl I met off of Craigslist.


Now for a long deep relaxing breath.

I was intrigued by another Times article on the new crop of spas that are popping up on 14th Street around Union Square. Maybe that's what this cranky girl needs . . . some pampering. There's always the $12 "quickie" manicure at Aqua Beauty Bar.

Oh and speaking of the Times, how freaking cute is this??


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but is a cab not a option? Or just a prohibitivly expensive one?


nycrouge said...

There are no cabs in my neighborhood, just car service. To go to the Upper West Side, it will probably be at least $30. I usually pay $13 from lower Manhattan to my place.

So yes, cabs are not an option in this case.

Tara said...

ah, yes, another example of why NYC is probably too big of a city for me. Sounds like you're out in the burbs. I'll stick to my D.C. city streets, where I can walk & bike wherever I need to go. yippee!

nycrouge said...

Actually I'm not out in the burbs -- I'm in Hipster Central (aka Williamsburg). But I'm not in Manhattan, which is only a problem when the L is shut down -- the L is a vital direct link into Manhattan.

When all is running smoothly, I can get to work in 30 or 40 minutes and actually be in Manhattan in 15. Not bad. I'm from Montgomery Co., Maryland. Now those are the burbs.