Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"Please do not sit on me."

Today is just damn near depressing. Faster than you can say "ohmygodit'sgorgeousoutside!" the weather does a u-turn back into the clutches of winter. In fact all I can see from my window overlooking Soho right now, is great sideways gusts of white. So in honor of this depressing day, I've uploaded the fruits of my Photoshop labors.

Behold the new blog banner!

Yesterday I think I used up all my bitching credits with my rant about my neighborhood (ie: slum). I couldn't help it. And later as I sat with Jane for happy hour drinks at the Dead Poet, she confessed that she was feeling the same way about the place. We both chalked it up to the yo-yo weather.

A few gin and tonics later, Jane and I headed back to our blighted corner of Brooklyn. I still harbored the same resentment I did that morning, but a walk past the abandoned mini-van showed that some bitching can actually produces results.

Last week I made a call to 311 about the obviously stolen-crashed-stripped-and-abandoned green mini-van. After getting through to the Department of Sanitation, I alerted them to the vehicle and they promised to have it removed. Yeah right, I thought. Not expecting much from New York City bureaucracy, I patted myself on the back for at least being a good citizen.

Oh but wait. The mini-van had a big orange "Condemned Property" sticker on it last night courtesy of the Department of Sanitation. Hurrah! The system works!

Now will they take it upon themselves to clean up the heaps of garbage elsewhere or do I have to call 311 again?


Anonymous said...

I heart the new blog banner.
- Signe

Tara said...

OK, New York wins over DC on the responsiveness of city departments. though we just got a sanitation citation (oh, god, the rats!) for not having a lid on our trash can. They even included a photo of the offending trash can. Too bad they got the address wrong and it's a photo of 1234 X St and not 1234 Y St, where we actually live.

nycrouge said...

Well I can think of better things DC should be exerting effort on, though it's just like them to fuck up with the wrong picture.