Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Do you smell french fries?"

Wow. I've been quite the social butterfly lately. Last night I met Amy at La Lanterna for wine and dessert and the night previous I went to the movies with Holly. And the night before was movie night at Life Cafe where I watched the ever craptastic Pump Up the Volume. Oh wait. I even went out Sunday night to watch the L Word.

Tonight I'm going to Girlsroom on the auspices of meeting up with Game Night Girl from a couple of weeks ago and some of her friends/acquaintances. This may suck or not suck depending on weather I'm totally sitting by myself at the bar since there is the distinct chance that everyone will know everyone else. But to be honest, I'm not fussed about it even though I am worn out from four consecutive nights out.

My cleverer readers will remember that it was Girlsroom where I got stood up once only to end up meeting a nice girl from London. Will my luck hold out tonight?

I'm still dismayed by the lack of email recently. Not sure what has wrought this downturn, but it must be stopped! Even GUT is quiet. This is not right.

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