Friday, March 11, 2005

"Serbians stole my fingers!"

God, I'm tired. But that's what I get for staying out late on a school night.

Guess I've been a bit lax in my blog updates, but I've been busily working on a freelance project so I can get some much needed extra money in my bank account. Now that it's off, I can ease into the weekend. In fact, today I getting wined and dined at Peter Lugar's Steakhouse courtesy of the bosses -- bosses who drink more than I do and will ensure that I'll be drunk by 3pm.

Good times.

Speaking of good times, I finally got to meet up with my Craigslist "missed connections" girl. Rewind to January. While out of a date back on a very very cold January night, I met Holly and we seemed to get on very well (probably to the chagrin of my date). Unfortunately Holly departed before I got to slip her my number.

On a whim last month, I put a "missed connections" ad in Craigslist. It was an absolute shot in the dark with probably a 99.99999% rate of failure especially since I only had a smattering of info to go on: her name, physical description, and that she was wearing a Gryffindor scarf. Much to my shock, she saw the ad (or rather her roommate did). Bad news was that she was in a relationship, but we arranged to meet anyway, which was last night. Beverages were had, Middle Eastern food consumed, and I didn't get home till midnight.

The point of the story is that the system works. If you meet someone by happenstance and you think they're cute, give Craigslist a try. It might surprise you.


Tara said...

Great story! Are you going to tell your story to Cosmo? I always see the places I hang out named on CL, but never seem to be the one they are talking about.

nycrouge said...

We have tentative plans for movie watching tomorrow. If all goes well, maybe I can write into Cosmo. Still makes a good story regardless!