Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Bon Jovi called. He wants his jacket back."

To cab or not to cab. That is the question.

It was rather late when I stumbled into the cold of Union Square -- 12:30 am to be exact. Jess and I finally had made good on our plan to do our gin tasting and after sampling seven different varieties and watching a few reruns of Sex and the City, it was time to roll back to Brooklyn. I had every intention of taking a cab back home, but since I soon discovered that every taxi in a four mile radius was occupied, I took the L home anyway.

For those thinking that I'm setting a story up where I tell of some frightful subway encounter, you can rest easy. The worst I had to deal with was some woman's fashion faux pas of silver leather trousers and orange suede Nike's. In case of further trouble, at least I was armed with two bottles of gin -- all I needed to do was decide which bottle to sacrifice in order to preserve my safety.

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