Friday, February 18, 2005

"Morning's at my window and she's sending me to bed again."

When did I start liking dogs? I've never liked dogs! Especially since I live in an dog crap infested section of Williamsburg. And there I've been -- on multiple occasions lately -- being all "Ooo, I want to pet the doggie!" What happened to my cold, cat loving heart?

I rode up in the elevator today with a rather adorable (!) poodle and later noticed someone's terrier romping around my floor. Apparently it's take-your-dog-to-work day . . . otherwise known as Friday.

Speaking of Friday, today Signe and Kathleen fly up for a fun filled New York weekend. I'm a little knackered from last night's impromptu tequila drinking with the bosses and the drunken subway ride up to Harlem while some guy yelled, "Kill all the motherfuckin' white people!" repeatedly. I was there to watch The Cherry Orchard, which meant that I didn't get back to Brooklyn (after a late dinner at Florent) till after midnight. No rest for the wicked I guess.

And seeing how it's the start of a holiday weekend, here's a little Friday News Roundup

Gothamist pointed out that body parts were found near the Nostrand Avenue stop on the A C line (Eek!). And then there was The New York Times article noting England's backlash to the upcoming Charles and Camilla marriage. I think one of the British tabloids had "Boring Old Gits to Wed" as their headline. Ouch! All this vitriol reminds me of my cousin's marriage to Edward VIII. Oh and I should also point out Dan Savage's excellent op-ed in Times about the poignant coming out of Alan Keyes's daughter.

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