Monday, February 21, 2005

"Finish your story before I shoot myself."

Is it possible? Did I have the best pizza of my life on Friday night?

It's not very often that one strikes culinary gold; the discovery of a restaurant so good that it defies the odds. Yet as Kathleen, Signe, and I entered into the crowded doorway of Lombardi's Pizza, nothing hinted that we had stumbled upon a real gem other than the line at the bar. I was aware that we were eating at the first licensed pizzeria in the United States, but the red check table cloths and the bright, chain restaurant style decor seemed rather ordinary. When we were finally seated, we ordered the pepperoni and sausage pizza.


Pizza aside, I had another guest filled weekend which meant I had more excuses to explore the city. After dinner on Friday night, we went for drinks at Dark Room (happy hour till 9pm?!) and then Central Park on Saturday to see the Gates. What did I think of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation? It was nice, though an overheard British tourist summed it up best with, "It's a lovely idea, but I'm really cold."

And since everyone enjoys a good parody, I had a chuckle at the Somerville Gates.

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