Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"The color of your bag makes me happy."

Why is there a stigma attached to going to the movies alone? It defies logic! Yet there I was, wanting to see a movie, having no one to go with, and trying to convince myself that I was not a loser for going alone. Even as I shakily paid for my 4pm ticket to Sideways, I still had to give myself a mental pep talk.

I skulked into the theater just as the previews were beginning, found my seat (one at the end of a very full row), and tried to look inconspicuous. But I couldn't help but feel the opposite, as if there were a flashing neon sign hanging over my head.

"Oooo. Look at that girl. She came alone. Does she not have any friends?"

"I thought only middle aged men go to the movies alone to watch porn?"

Or so I imagined the audience saying.

No matter. I was there to see Sideways, which I enjoyed . . . by myself. I skulked back out of the theater when it was over and onto a damp E 13th street. I was barely to the corner when I saw that Beth had called me while I was in the movie. Better news, she was in New York with Neils! And they were staying in the Village only a few blocks away!

I had friends after all, even if only for an evening.

Now that Beth and Neils are back in DC, I am left with my original problem: a severe dearth of New York based activity partners. Being the proactive person that I am, I placed an ad on Craigslist for new friends. Hopefully that doesn't smack of desperation.


Anonymous said...

JB and I saw Sideways last night! I also enjoyed it immensely - except for the disturbing running male nudity!
Think about it - do you really notice people who go to the movies alone? No one cares! I would say the only thing loser-ish about it is if you make a big deal of it ;)

Anonymous said...

I recently had my first experience seeing a film alone. I saw The Life Aquatic...while I was in San Francisco. In retrospect I am glad I didn't drag anyone else with me to that one. I think I only enjoyed it because I have convinced myself Wes Anderson can do no wrong. - La

nycrouge said...

The male nudity was disturbing . . . yet incredibly hilarious. I think I cried.

Tara said...

For a project in college, I had to write a report on a film that was out in the theatres. I chose "Seven Years in Tibet." I saw that movie 4 times in the theatre, 3 times alone. The last time I saw the movie was on a Monday afternoon. Not only was I alone, I was the only one in the entire theatre. The screening guy just left the lights on for me so I could take notes. I'm sure the fact that I was doing 'research' gave it legitimacy.
And I loved Sideways, even if the full-frontal was, well, unexpected.