Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Is it loneliness that brought you here?"

Sunday marked my three month anniversary in the city, an anniversary that almost went unnoticed had my boss not emailed me this morning to see if the 24th was a good date to do a three month lunch to talk about my job. I couldn't help but feel panicked -- perhaps I shouldn't -- but the thought of having to sit down and examine my faults and goals has filled me with dread.

Let us all take a long, deep breath.

Now that I am hyper aware of my actions at work (including some lengthy blog time -- tsk) and hyper aware of my time here in Gotham over the last three months, I couldn't help but examined how the city has made me change.

I've adopted new customs such as buying produce from a shack on the side of Houston Street, walk everywhere in a permanent hurry, and sigh impatiently at neophytes who slow the queue for coffee. I've learned to read standing up on a speeding L train, made my fourth floor walk-up my own personal Stairmaster, and ordered out food far more than I ought to. My sense of distance has changed -- a mile no longer feels so far and 20 stories so tall. New York also exposes you to some distinctly urban misadventures such as getting my iPod head phones caught on someone's backpack as we both try to clamber up a crowded stairway.

. . . .

In other news, I've gone ahead and blocked my ex-girlfriend's email address. It was really starting to get out of hand.


Anonymous said...

*bursting into song*

So much change so little time. Don't worry about your 3 month lunch. I am sure you are rocking their socks.


Anonymous said...

Um, KT? You ALWAYS walked everywhere in a "permanent hurry!" So, not so much change after all :)

nycrouge said...

Then I must be Speedy Gonzalez now!