Sunday, February 06, 2005

"And that's when Jon Stewart stepped over me."

Craigslist is starting to pay off.

After posting two simultaneous ads for new friends (this is not as pathetic as it sounds), I have spent the last two days reaping the benefits of my proactiveness. I've luckily found someone who I can drag to all the NY lesbian bars and someone else who shares an equal passion for gourmet food and good gin.

Saturday was a truly gorgeous day in New York -- finally free of the bitterly cold temperatures that marked the the past few weeks. It was sunny and even though temps hovered in the high 40s, you would have thought the city was gripped by a heat wave. Union Square bustled with people, some walking dogs, some reading on park benches, and others shopping in the open air market.

I met J there in the early afternoon and we headed down to Soho for a look through a "young designers" sale. Afterwards, we sampled top shelf tequila at Dos Caminos before perusing gin varieties in Union Square and dinner with her friends in the East Village. Also, any outing in Manhattan isn't complete without a pseudo celebrity sighting. I can now tell my grandchildren (or somesuch) that I saw Kwame from the Apprentice.

Oh and speaking of Craigslist, I really enjoyed this post/rant.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I enjoyed that rant as well! In fact, I enjoy most rants these days...
Can't wait to hear all the details of your social life when I come see you! There have been far too few appletinis in my life since you moved out :(

Tara said...

I just discovered the Best of Craig's List recently and I just about ruined my computer at work spitting coffee out all over the screen at how funny they are. Someday the IT people at work are going to see how naughty some of the stuff is and I am going to get fired. In the meantime, there's no end of the amusement of reading those and the missed connections.

nycrouge said...

There's always this little gem to remind me of what I am missing back in DC: