Thursday, February 10, 2005

"I'll be surprised if you get this, or even bother reading it."


I have to admit it's my fault. I shouldn't have mentioned Crazy Email Girl. Like an evil spirit, only gaining strength when you mention her name aloud . . . or in a blog, she has returned. In short, she emailed me again (that makes seven emails, folks) with a self deprecating plea to meet up for coffee or a drink when she is in town this Saturday/Sunday. Why, why, and why? I haven't answered the email and chances are I won't, but I am toying with the urge to give her another dose of "please fuck off." And then there is part of me who wants to show up at her hotel just to yell at her in person. Because it would feel good.

Now I have a headache.

Speaking of electronic bombshells, I opened the New York Times online to read that North Korea admitted to having nuclear weapons, a story that has been eclipsed by . . . . drum roll please . . . Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles getting married come April. Nice to see the media has its priorities. And then there is the near riot at the opening of an Ikea store in London and the economist on fire story.

Time for a long vacation far, far away.


H said...

You could just email her a photo of your middle finger.

nycrouge said...

Good idea, but sadly I don't think she'd get the hint.