Thursday, February 24, 2005

"I'm so bored with the USA."

"Ow!" I wanted to cry out as a particularly big flake of snow hit me square in the eye.

It was snowing in New York. Again.

Jane left me the keys to her sister's truck so that I could move it for the street sweepers (they sweep the streets in my trash strewn neighborhood?!) since her and her sister had to go to Iowa for a funeral. And with my luck, I had to move the truck . . . in the snow.

Anyone else sick of winter? I am. This like the 48th time or something it's snowed since I've moved to NY and I am rather tired of it. I think they are calling for 4-7 inches. Christ almighty.

So now that I am nestled in at home, watching my industrial paradise grow frostier and frostier, nursing a margarita, and listing to the Clash rather loudly, I can't help but reflect upon this week. Mainly I've been wound pretty tight -- so tight that a reoccurring pain in my upper left shoulder is more pronounced. Remember that lunch with my bosses that I mentioned last week? Well the lunch was today and naturally I had managed to work myself up into a lather, utterly convinced I was heading for a sack. Naturally I had nothing to worry about. Never mind I practically gave myself an ulcer with worry!

Coming off that rather anti-climax, I felt that it was definitely margarita time.

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