Thursday, February 17, 2005

". . . sorry for annoying the crap out of you . . ."

I'm absolutely speechless . . . shaking with anger. Why? Because my ex-girlfriend emailed me again! This after I blocked her work address. And she had the cheek to email me with another address! She's an absolute nut case! Here's a sampling from the latest email:

I'm coming back to NYC, but you clearly want nothing to do with me. If you change your mind or ever want to chat you know how to get a hold of me (more ways then you really should).

I really don't want to loose you, but I need to learn that you don't feel the same way and want nothing to do with me.

Can't even fucking spell the word lose!!



Tara said...

Poor spelling is the first warning sign. I have a friend who refused to go on a date with a person she met who used the term "alot."

nycrouge said...

Not that I am perfect, but I am immediately turned off by spelling errors. It smacks of carelessness especially when spell check is so readily available.

Anonymous said...

There is also the then/than issue. She is clearly Satan.

gunngirl said...

As someone who has made spelling mistakes, I somewhat sympathize, which is why I have in my favorites menu. I have so many friends email me with mispelled word, I usually ignore them.

But you can't when you just don't like the person. She does sound rather pathetic. It reminds me of the movie Muriel's Wedding, and how she makes a pest of herself with people who tell her to her face they don't like her.

She was just so desperate for friends that it was sad.