Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Thread to transform the banalities of your day into tabloid headlines, part 6."

Today is moving at an alarmingly slow speed. Is the USNO, "America's official timekeeper," aware of this? Even such work day excitements as "There's a mouse in my office!" and "Let's go walking in Soho during lunch!" have failed to produce more than a temporal crawl. In fact this is the first time I've felt such rampant boredom at my job, which might correspond with the recent epiphany that I am uninspired by it -- a bad, bad sign.

I could even being perusing my mental rolodex of new friends looking for post-work diversions if I weren't piss broke (pay day is Thursday!). I think the New York Times wants to rub it in.

Ways in which I've pissed away my day:

- Watched a mouse scurry across a coworker's desk.
- Read and posted on Guardian Talk.
- Read the New York Times online.
- Wondered why Quicken doesn't want to work on my home computer.
- Thought of self pitying ways to spend my Valentine's Day.
- Expressed mental dissatisfaction over the current selection of songs in my iTunes library.
- Struggled to figure out Adobe GoLive when I would much rather be using Dreamweaver.
- Downloaded songs via MP3 blogs.
- Tooled through Citysearch looking for ways to entertain two friends of mine when they visit on Friday.
- Pretended to work.


Anonymous said...

Since when do Signe and I need to be entertained? I'm thinking vodka and a superball...

Red said...

What are mp3 blogs? Which ones do you use?

nycrouge said...

MP3 blogs are only beneficial if you are into obscure music . . . which I apparently am.





H said...

A fantastic way to waste some time at work is this website:
Go ahead and try to spell something dirty.

nycrouge said...

That's brilliant. I took joy in spelling poo. A lot.

Tara said...

Um...mouse? Do you work in substandard public housing?m Or perhaps a rat lab?

nycrouge said...

I work in a nine story office building that dates from 1892. It doesn't strike me as a particularly substandard building, though the mouse (with a body 1.5 inches long) could just be par for the course in an old NY building.