Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Modern snow is rubbish."

Yesterday I found myself in a funk. Perhaps it was midwinter blues or the stark realization that Valentine's Day is three weeks away. Maybe it was the fact that Republicans are going to reintroduce the Marriage Amendment in the Senate. However the likely culprit, according to Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University, is the news that January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. And wouldn't you know, I was completely fine until I read the corresponding Guardian article. I blame the UK media for planting the idea into my head in the first place.

You'd think that the arrival of my Ann Taylor Loft order would perk me up, but sadly not. At home I chose to wallow in my own misery with a couple of Negro Modellos, noting that I was not alone -- Dennise emailed to tell me that she was in the same funk, this one induced from looking at wedding dresses online. Everyone knows that is single girl self-esteem suicide.

Maybe this guy in Cardiff is onto something . . .

Anyway, I should note with some bit of jealous indignation that Jane will be in Spain and Fala will be in Texas for V-Day. In contrast, I am facing the daunting of prospect of being holed up with a bottle of gin and flirting with sticking my head in the oven.


H said...

V-day was created by the devil. Or card companies. Actually, both, since they're pretty much the same thing. You should go to as many karaoke bars as you can that night and sing "Love Stinks."

nycrouge said...

Too bad V-Day is on a Monday. If it were on a Wednesday, I could go to The Girls Room for karaoke.

Or I could just belt it out at home. Alone. Singing into my empty bottle of gin.


Red said...

Don't give in to Hallmark pressure! V-day is such a scam :) Kick up your heels at the Cuckoo's Nest :)